Favorite Supervisor 2 Responses

Favorite Supervisor

In response to your peers, identify the leadership skills your classmates discuss.

1#  One supervisor that stood out to me was when I was working at a hotel as a maid. She knew who she had to be on top of to get their floors completed and the ones she could leave to their floors and would have everything completed for the day on time and to the hotel standard. She was straight to the point and talked to everyone with respect. I think that to have employees that want to show up to work and that will have value in their work, you have to show them respect. In my opinion, respect is a big deal in my opinion and I believe many supervisors demand respect but lack the ability to show the people who work under them the same respect they want. Do you think that respect plays a significant part in the workforce?


Thinking back to my seventeen years of service in the Army, I have encountered many different supervision styles and have had dozens of supervisors. One supervisor stood out from the rest, not only for the lessons he taught me but the way the lessons were taught. Jason was two military grades above me, accomplished and proficient in his craft. His supervision style was supportive and formative supervision. Supportive supervisors create an encouraging and empathetic environment, offering emotional support, listening to the supervisee’s concerns, and providing assistance when needed. Constant support and encouragement gave me confidence in my abilities as a cannon crew member. Self-assurance enabled me to take on more challenging tasks and responsibilities, contributing to my professional growth as a soldier. Jason also provided formative supervision; formative supervision aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of the supervisee. It includes ongoing feedback, training, and development opportunities to promote growth as a professional.

Constructive feedback was the most helpful aspect Jason provided with his supervision style. Constructive feedback gave me the guidance and resources needed to develop my skills and knowledge to be a proficient cannon crew member. What aspects stood out to you? The way the constructive feedback or lesson was reciprocated, Jason had very calm and controlled way of conveying his message. A calm demeanor encourages active participation and a willingness to explore new ideas between trainee and supervisor. My experience with Jason as supervisor and trainee has impacted me significantly; formative and supportive supervision is the method that trains, enhances, and promotes growth in trainees with great effectiveness. I will take the lessons learned for Jason and apply them every opportunity.

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