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Business Case: Airport IT Network Expansion

An airport authority is seeking your expertise to establish a new IT network infrastructure for its operations. Here are the specifics of the given case.

The airport has a central terminal building with various departments and facilities that need to be interconnected through a robust network.

Within the terminal building, there are:

– Four administrative sections, each housing 30 desktop computers.

– Each section requires 10 portable/laptop computers with wireless connectivity (WiFi).

– A network printer is necessary for shared use in each administrative section.

– It’s imperative that all computers within each administrative section have access to the network.

Additionally, there is a Data Room within the terminal building containing:

– Databases for passenger and flight information.

– Databases for employee records.

– A Printer Server to manage printing for LANs.

– Web Server for internal applications.

– Email Server for communication within the organization.

Your role involves designing and illustrating network diagrams to visualize the proposed solutions.

Question 1: (Network Diagram 1) Develop and draw a network diagram depicting the LOCAL AREA NETWORK (LAN) for one administrative section within the terminal building. Focus on detailing the network setup for this specific section.

Question 2: (Network Diagram 2) Develop and draw a network diagram for  INTRANET. This network will connect all computers within the central terminal building, enabling them to communicate with each other and access the resources within the Data Room as well.

Question 3: (Network Diagram 3) The airport authority operates branches in three different cities: DC, NYC, and MIAMI. Design an EXTRANET diagram to establish private communication between all sites. The Extranet should provide access to shared resources while maintaining security protocols.

Question 4:(Network Diagram 4)  Update your EXTRANET diagram to include provisions for internet connectivity. This addition will allow all branches and the central terminal to have access to the internet while safeguarding the network’s integrity.

Use  to develop/draw network diagrams

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