worksheet Biology homework help

worksheet Biology

ENG225 Lit and Spirituality

Julian of Norwich and Madame Guyon

Selected texts

After a careful reading of the text portions provided, please answer the following questions in small paragraphs of adequate detail. Expand answer spaces as needed.

  1. Provide a brief      biographical note on Julian of Norwich. Make sure that someone who has never heard of her will find it      helpful. You will need to read an introductory essayyyy on Julian, outside of      the text, for this question. Here is an example site, but you can easily      find dozens more:

2. Julian organizes her visions and memories in an orderly fashion, topic by topic, and detail by detail. She tells us that she desired to have “three graces.” What are they? Feel free to expand.

3. Julian speaks of “three wounds” that she experiences. Name them. What do these “wounds” do in her or with her?

4. What was the significance of “something no bigger than a hazelnut” that Julian saw in a vision?

5. Julian says she saw in her understanding, “six things.” Explain what these were.

6. Julian says, “We are double by God’s creating.” Explain this statement.

7. Julian illustrates the workings of the Trinity through a few analogies or comparisons. What are they?

8. What, according to Julian, are the three ways of contemplating the “motherhood of God”?

Part B

9. Introduce Madame Guyon for a person who has never heard of her. You will need to read a biographical essayyy on her, for this purpose. Here is an example site, but please check others as well:

10. Guyon lived and died as a faithful follower of the Catholic faith, yet the Catholic Church banned her spiritual writings, condemning them as “Quietist.” What does that term mean? You should refer to a detailed definition of this term to answer the question adequately.

11. Guyon speaks of two ways to come to the Lord. What are they? Please explain each.

12. What does Guyon urge the reader to do, A. When the presence of the Lord is felt, and B. When the presence of God is not felt?

13. What does Guyon advise the reader on the matter of experiencing revelations from God?

14. What does Guyon mean by the term or experience of “abandonment”? Explain, please.

15. What are the results of “abandonment”?

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