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Weather Log

Log weather factors for 10 days starting in the week of Unit 6 from the Weather Channel website. The completed PP charts with definitions, observations, conclusions and comments should be submitted as directed.

Choose a city in a different part of the world for comparison with your home city.

The purpose of the experiment is for the students to:

1. compare the weather patterns of their home city in IL to a city in another part of the world and

2. make conclusions about the similarities or differences they observe.

​Use the 10-day forecast of the weather factors in the city chosen and your home city on the Weather Channel website. The weather factors to be logged are: temperature (high and low or average temp of day and night), air pressure, precipitation, humidity and/or relative humidity, clouds, sunrise and sunset times, winds, uv index and any other relevant information that affects the weather pattern of the cities chosen. Make charts/ graphs on each of the weather factors using the Excel program.  The graphs should have titles, labels with proper units of measurement for the variables. Color code the two graphs of the same weather factor of the two cities for comparison on the same sheet.

Include the definitions of the weather factors and their related variables (ex. wind-chill factor, heat index etc.), the units, and the instruments used to measure them in the PowerPoint.  The pattern of weather change observed and its rationale should be clearly explained in the conclusion. In the PowerPoint slides, a comparison of the weather pattern of the two cities should be clearly explained. Use information from class notes, textbook readings and web search for correct information about the cities, their climate regions and their weather patterns. Watch for sudden changes in weather during the 10 days you are observing and explain that also in your conclusion comparing it with the forecast that you logged. This must be treated as an inquiry lab. Connect the observations to the big picture such as climate conditions and seasons. The Weather log assignment must be submitted on Elearn with all the required items as a PowerPoint Presentation in Unit 8.

In case this lab is done as a Learning Team Project (your professor will let you know at the start of the class if you will be working in teams, which will be a possibility only if the class size is large), you must provide

A statement describing the work contract among the team members and each member’s contribution to the project, signed by each group member.

Please use Excel charts for the data and graphs. The log created from the weather channel for your project should also be included as your lab data.

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