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Theorist Executive PowerPoint Slides Assignment Help Academic Writing

Theorist Executive PowerPoint Slides Assignment


For this assignment, you will prepare a research paper. The following list will guide the development of this paper.

  1. Prepare a research paper on one of the theorists from the list provided below.
  2. Select your first, second, and third choices for your theorist paper and then go to the Wiki located in Module/Week 1 to make your selection. Selections are “First come, first assigned.” You may need to negotiate a bit with other students to get the theorist you would like to do, or at least one of your top three choices. Students will not be allowed to double up on names, so be sure to get yours in early.
  3. This paper should cover the following information with regards to your theorist.
  • A brief biographical sketch Theorist Executive PowerPoint Slides Assignment Help
  • A summary of his/her research, theory and/or writings
  • A biblical and theological evaluation of his/her theory
  • An analysis of potential integration, application, or implication points for ministry leadership
  1. Your biblical and theological evaluation of the theory should draw on concepts learned in CLED 700, CLED 720, and CLED 800. Other sources of theological review are also encouraged including the use of the Foundation Reading assignment produced for CLED 805.
  2. Your paper must be 12–20 pages. Points will be deducted for papers under or over this range.
  3. Prepare your paper in current APA style utilizing a minimum of 10 academic quality references.

Management/Leadership Theorists Options (Listed Alphabetically)

Theorist Executive PowerPoint Slides Assignment Help

  1. Argyris, Chris and Organizational Learning Theory
  2. Bennis, Warren and Authentic Leadership
  3. Blake, Robert and Jane Mouton and the Managerial Grid
  4. Drucker, Peter F. and Organizational Management
  5. Fayol, Henry and Principles of Management
  6. Fiedler, Fred E. and Contingency Theory
  7. Gilbreth, Frank and Lillian Gilbreth and Efficiency Management Theory
  8. Greenleaf, Robert and Servant Leadership
  9. House, Robert J. and Path-Goal Theory
  10. Katz, Daniel L. and Skills Theory
  11. Mayo, Elton and Human Relations Theory
  12. McGregor, Douglas and Theory X and Theory Y
  13. Mintzberg, Henry and Organizational Structure
  14. Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard and Situational Leadership
  15. Simon, Herbert Alexander and Systems Theory
  16. Taylor, Frederick Winslow and Scientific Management
  17. Max Weber and Bureaucratic Management Theory
  18. Transformational Leadership by Bernard Bass

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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