Term paper Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts assignment

Term paper Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts assignment Academic Writing
Term paper Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts

Term paper: The student will write and submit a formal typed term paper in APA style consisting of a minimum of ten (10) pages. 1-inch margins, 12pt Times New Roman font. This includes APA coversheet, pagination with running head and references. The student should write a paper on a specific residential or institutional correctional rehabilitation program or develop a preliminary program—the outline below followed:

Introduction: Describe the purpose and scope of the paper.

History and Scope of the Program: Describe how the program is developed as well as identify its basic theoretical orientation, objectives, goals, and program elements.

Description of Specific Program Elements: This would include a description of each specific program element, the staff including their qualifications, duties, and functions, and a description of the number and basic characteristics of residents in the program. A good question for the researcher to ask oneself is: “what is a typical day for the juvenile offender in this program?” Even placing a schedule of events and describing each one would be helpful.  Additionally, it is important to describe the tasks of each element in detail. For instance, if a juvenile has to go to individual counseling, what is done in this regard to help change criminal behavior and reduce recidivism? Also, any specifics of groups should be described, whether it is a behavior group, victim empathy group, living skills group, faith-based intervention, chemical dependency, or some sort of educational group. In the description of the program, it is important that the researcher identify how the behaviors of offenders are managed, i.e. what are the rules and consequences? (Be specific for specifically described behaviors in your term paper ). How does the environment maintain safety? What is adequate supervision? What is the philosophy of safety? What are the security procedures and the system of rewards and sanctions? Is there a level system? If so, describe this and how decisions are made to progress in the level system. What are the tools for youth to develop personal self-control over their behavior? How long is a typical stay in the program to reach the optimum treatment standards? Describe the educational program (GED etc.) and vocational skills development. Also, describe the religious element of the program, purpose, elements, and how it is conducted. Are their specialized interventions for special needs youth (chemically dependent, emotionally disturbed, capital offenders, sex offenders, etc.?) If so, describe.

Term paper Juvenile Drug Treatment Courts


Community Reintegration: Term paper should contain How does the program provide for effective reintegration into the community? How does it provide follow-up support for maintaining progress? How does it facilitate youth becoming productive members of society? What further education/training, employment, and help do youth receive?

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Program: Discuss the specific strengths of the program including the education and rehabilitative aspects indicating how the program is helpful. In your term paper provide reasons why certain elements are helpful including what research has found regarding the element in program effectiveness. Discuss the weaknesses of the program and, based on research and personal observation, show how the weaknesses may have not been helpful in other programs. Provide well thought out possible solutions for program enhancement taking into consideration costs. Staffing patterns and other criteria.

Summary and Conclusions: Briefly summarize your term paper and discuss the program in light of the effective program criterion mentioned in the text and other resources.

Reference Page: must include at least 2 peer-reviewed research-based articles, and the textbook.

APA format: term paper should contain APA cover page, general format (running head, page numbers), citations, etc.

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