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Synthesis English

In the 500-600-word Argumentative Synthesis, you will use information from multiple resources addressing similar topics to argue your own position on that topic. This assignment requires that you make an explicit thesis, or claim, about your topic and use your sources to provide adequate support for your thesis.

  1. Select an argument based on the four articles, three of which we have already read and a fourth that you choose:
  2.  “What Sets Successful CEOs Apart” (Botelho et al., 2017)
  3. “The 21st Century CEO” (Gordon & Martin, 2019)
  4. “Research: Men Speak More Abstractly Than Women” (Wakslak and Joshi, 2022)
  5. The source of your choice must adhere to the standards of credible sources (do the CRAAP test), be in English, and be at least 1000 words long.
  6. Construct a thesis that makes a claim about the topic.
  7. Support your thesis with evidence from four sources, integrating their material with your commentary. Avoid too much summary – include only enough to explain your ideas.
  8. Include the major components of an academic paper, including an introduction (with a thesis statement), a body (with topic sentences for each paragraph), and a conclusion. Paragraphs should be coherent and demonstrate unity.
  9. Avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing and quoting the sources appropriately with proper APA in-text and reference citations. Remember that a sentence cannot consist of just a direct quotation (use attributive phrases/reporting verbs).
  10. Drawing from feedback from previous assignments, edit your paper carefully.

As a pre-writing exercise for the Synthesis , create a synthesis matrix using the attached document. A sample can be found hereLinks to an external site.. Use the following instructions:

  1. Your Synthesis  will incorporate four sources: three from the instructor and one that you chose yourself. For each source, include a properly formatted parenthetical in-text citation.
  2. List the three themes that you identify across the readings. For each, you only need to write a word or two.
  3. For the blue cells, write a sentence or two about what each source had to say about each theme. If the source did not address that theme – not all sources will address all themes – write N/A.

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