Social Science homework help Domestic Violence

Social Science homework help Domestic Violence Academic Writing

Social Science homework help The purpose of writing this paper is because there are a lot of women out there who are victims of domestic violence and are afraid to report the incident which develops into a dark figure of crime. I can use the theories that I have learned from criminology classes; victimology, criminology theory, criminal laws, and punishment theory to write this paper perfectly. I also expect to discover new proofs and information regarding domestic violence in the process of researching for the final paper.

Criteria for the paper:

  1.  8-9 pages in length, 12 point times new roman font, double-spaced, citations in APA format. Number your pages please.
  2. Reviews the existing literature on the topic you’ve chosen (minimum 10 scholarly resources).
  3.  Explores a question or topic area that is unique (this is where your own thinking will be explored)
  4. The conclusion should outline both the limitations of the literature you cite, plus outline areas for future research.
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Your essay is an opportunity for you to reflect on one or more key concepts through a close critical reading of one text, or a comparison of two. You may wish to pursue a theoretical question in more detail in your critical response paper.  Make sure you tell me which text you are choosing.  You can pick any of the ones from the modules we’ve covered (including recommended texts).   Again, you can choose one to pick apart.  For instance, I can spend time describing an articles and compare them to one another, describing how similar or different they are in how they deal with their respective subjects. Social Science homework help

Your essay should have a thesis and you should develop at least 3 main sub-points.  In-text citations are necessary as well as a works cited listing the source you used.  Social Science homework help please click here

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