Sequences and lists Programming Help

Sequences and lists Programming Help Academic Writing

Sequences and lists Programming

Topic 8: Sequences and lists
Apply and test your knowledge of the current and previous topics by attempting the
questions below. Completing these questions will help you to succeed in your subject.

Complete workshop8 activities and submit your work during the workshop session.

Workshop Questions
Sequences and lists Programming Help
1. Dice Rolls

Write a program that rolls a dice several times as specified by the user. The program
should contain a roll function with an integer parameter number_of_rolls. The
function simulates a dice roll (generates a random number 1 to 6) and appends the
result to a list. Upon completing number_of_rolls iterations, the list must be returned
to the main function that displays the list. If the user enters 10 rolls, the program will
show a list of 10 dice roll results.
Sequences and lists Programming Help
2. employee Records

This task aims to create a list for storing employees records. Consider an employee
record consists of following fields: employee_id, Last Name, First Name, and Salary.
Write a program that gets employee data from the user and stores those as records
in a list called employees. You must validate the Salary input so that it only contains
a number between 0 and 10000. In the beginning, the program should also prompt
the user for the number of employee records.
Sequences and lists Programming Help
Note: The employee list will have a structure like this: [‘123’, ‘John‘, ‘Sam‘, 850.0,
456‘, ‘Jane’, ‘Mary’, 650.0, …] (four elements per employee)

3. Distinguished employees

Extend the program in task 2 to display details of all employees their salary above
$7000. You must use slicing operations to extract information of an employee from
the full list

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