Seizure Of Mexican Territory

Mexican Territory

The author’s line of thinking was that neither Texas nor Mexico wanted to give up the right to their territory; thus, this argument was made. The combat would serve no purpose since so many people would lose their lives, and Mexico would be at a disadvantage in the conflict because it had so few men available to fight with. Having said all of this, Corwin was opposed to the war because they wanted to maintain peace with their neighbor. Read more on this topic on at assignment help services to gain a deeper understanding.

2. Summarize the author’s argument that continuing the war effort against Mexico would be tantamount to treason. How does public opinion regarding slavery relate to this point?

One argument why the US’ involvement was unwarranted is that it was President who started the conflict. He had a firm faith in what was known as manifest destiny. Just after that, President ordered his forces to begin exterminating all Mexicans to extend their territory. The second reason the US’s decision to go to war with Mexico was justifiable is that the US stole land that belonged to Mexico. The US were not being fair in any way. They asserted that California was their territory, not Mexico’s and that Mexico had no claim to it. Mexico was aware that California met the requirements to be considered a part of Mexico. Thus they protected their land.

The third reason is that extension of slavery was the last reason why the US ‘ decision to go to war with Mexico was not justifiable. Mexico desperately needed a larger population, hence encouraged American settlers to go there. Also, they maintained their slaves with them. Mexico adhered to a zero-tolerance policy on the ownership of slaves. They did not want to be recognized as slaveholders because Mexico did not want that reputation.

The author thought that it was not worth the effort, considering the number of lives that would be lost and the amount of money spent to cause such a civil fight, which would be regarded as treason by everyone. The public’s view is relevant to this issue since northern states have taught Texas that they cannot have slavery in areas where it is not practiced.

Why was bringing Texas into the Union controversial?

In the late 1830s and early 1840s, the matter of annexation emerged as one of the most divisive issues in American politics. Slavery, and not Texas, was the major problem. A similar challenge to the sectional balance of power in the US Senate was posed by the admission of Missouri to the Union 15 years earlier. The admittance of Texas to the Union would pose a similar concern. In 1838, John Quincy Adams, who was serving at the time as a representative in the House of Representatives, conducted a filibuster that lasted for 22 days and was successful in preventing annexation. It seemed as though Congress had found a solution to the Texas matter. The state of Texas would maintain its status as an independent republic.

At this time, pro-slavery Southerners began to spread a belief that, ultimately, Texas would join the Union as a slave state. The media gave this hypothesis widespread attention. John Tyler, who viewed the institution of slavery as a morally acceptable practice, became President of the US after the death of William Henry Harrison in 1841. Tyler and his Secretary of State, John C. Calhoun, contended that Great Britain intended to annex Texas and turn it into a sanctuary for fugitive slaves to gain control of the territory. Sam Houston was a willing participant in this fraud by carrying out discussions with the British administration in full front of the public. Houston threatened that Texas would seek the help of “some other friend” if the US did not annex Texas if they did not annex Texas.

Report of a Scenario on Communications and Technology 

Executive summary

To succeed in the global professional IT world, you need to communicate well across cultures and technology. Getting along with people from different cultural backgrounds requires familiarity with other cultures and the ability to communicate effectively with those people. Technology can help bridge the gap by providing a platform for cross-cultural communication. Imran’s research will help him understand the significance of good intercultural and technical communication in the global professional IT environment. He will need to think about how the material is presented as a whole and the tone of the message. Web writers focused on social science assignments must communicate effectively with people from all over the world, regardless of where they are located. Understanding the relevance of communication across cultural and technological divides is an integral part of this. To bridge the cultural divide across countries, people must communicate across cultures. The mosaic style of website design uses a grid structure that contains numerous columns and rows. This can make websites more pleasant to the eye and make them simpler to scan. He can use social media and other online platforms to promote his website. If he wants to make a good presentation, he must know about these features and functions.


To be successful in the global professional IT world, you need to communicate well across cultures and technology. In a world where organizations are becoming more international and interconnected, IT professionals must be able to work well with people from many different cultures. Technology can also make it easier for people from different cultures to talk to each other. Thanks to the internet and social media, it has never been easier for people from different parts of the world to speak to each other. But there can be problems when people from different cultures try to talk to each other. It is essential to know about these problems and take steps to solve them. Make sure your communication is clear, and you may be able to get along well with people from different cultures.

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other and made it easier than ever to connect with people across the globe. However, relying solely on technology in a global professional IT environment is not enough to ensure good collaboration. Getting along with people from different cultural backgrounds requires familiarity with other cultures and the ability to communicate effectively with those people. Information technology (IT) is a global industry with a wide range of cultures represented. For individuals to engage with one another, every culture has a set of core values, beliefs, and conventions in place. Effective cross-cultural communication necessitates understanding these differences and the ability to adapt one’s communication style. Using technology in a global professional IT setting can be an effective means of communication, but it cannot replace good intercultural communication. If you’re going to have clear and successful communication, you’ll have to do it yourself, even if technology can help bridge the gap by providing a platform for it.

Research objectives

This research is aimed at analyzing the scenario as requested by Imran in response to;

To identify why people who write on the web do more than write.

To compile a list of tasks that need to be carried out at the beginning of the project.

To learn why using a mosaic design for websites is preferable to using a linear one.

To ascertain what concerns he must address to maintain the attention of his audience.

Research Methodologies.

The Use Survey Techniques

We created a survey to understand better the intercultural and technical communication that takes place within the context of the global professional environment of information technology. After that, we distributed the survey to a group of people working in information technology. When we had finished collecting the survey responses, we then undertook an analysis of the data to look for patterns and trends (Swartz et al., 2019).

A qualitative research approach using interviews

The primary way to collect data by a qualitative research technique was through interviews. We conducted interviews with Luca, Imran, and other IT department coworkers to better understand their perspectives on effective intercultural and technological communication in the context of the global professional IT environment. In addition to this, we questioned the methods of communication that proved to be the most successful in several circumstances. We enquired about the challenges they have faced in the job regarding communication. This research may provide enlightening insights into how to improve communication in information technology (NASIKHANOVA, 2020).

Use of Questionnaires Revew


We questioned Luca and Imran in great depth about their idea and the goals they have defined to learn as much information as possible about it. We also asked them about their thoughts on utilizing several presenting styles and what they considered to be the most effective approach to deliver their message to the audience they had in mind. In conclusion, we enquired about their perspectives on using technology in conveying their message to the intended audience (Eguchi, 2021).

Information Analysis.

Writers for the web need to communicate clearly with users worldwide, regardless of where those users are physically located. A significant component of this is awareness of the importance of communication despite the presence of technological and cultural barriers. Communication between people of different cultural backgrounds is essential to bridging the cultural gap between nations. Through this method, increased intercultural understanding and cooperation may be achieved. The simplicity and quickness with which people living in different parts of the world can communicate are primary reasons for the significance of technological advances in communication. In addition to that, it makes the exchange of ideas and information possible (Khakshour Forutan & Modarresi, 2018).

As a web writer, you must communicate successfully in a global professional setting, including information technology, and grasp the importance of outstanding intercultural and technological communication. For this reason, you must be able to converse well with people from various cultural backgrounds to use the internet, which can connect you with people from all over the world. This necessitates the ability to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. The internet is always changing, and new technologies are constantly being developed. Therefore it is essential to keep up with the latest developments. The linear format of web design is the most common type, and it consists of pages that are very long and scrollable, with text and images aligned in a single column. When there is a lot of content, it can be difficult for people to scan and understand what is presented. The mosaic style of website design uses a grid structure that contains numerous columns and rows. This can make websites look more pleasant to the eye and make them simpler to scan. Additionally, it can incorporate a broader range of material types, such as text, photographs, videos, and infographics (Kim & Shamov, 2019).

When it comes to the design of web pages, making use of the mosaic form of design offers several benefits, some of which are as follows: it can make pages more visually appealing; it can make pages easier to scan; it enables a greater variety of content; it can make pages more responsive to a variety of screen sizes, and it can reduce the requirement for scrollbars. When designing a website, using a mosaic style is an excellent way to improve users’ overall experience when they visit your website. (NASIKHANOVA, 2020).

Research Findings

People from other cultures have different standards and beliefs than those in the culture in which you are writing when you are writing for a global audience. If you don’t demonstrate adequate sensitivity to these differences, you risk offending anyone. In addition, it is critical to ensure that the information is presented in a way that is easy to interpret. Jargon should be avoided, and plain and concise language should be used instead. The use of visual aids is vital when trying to convey complex ideas (Baratova, 2022).

Imran must ensure that the audience he is speaking to understands the information he is presenting. He feels compelled because of his audience’s wide range of cultural and technological backgrounds. For a presentation to succeed, the audience must comprehend the message. To effectively engage and communicate with his audience, Imran will have to figure out the best combination of text, photos, video, and audio to use in his message. The presentation should be structured to make it easy to scan and understand the content. The most significant points of the articulation should be understood quickly by the intended audience, and they should leave with the correct takeaway message. An essential part of Imran’s job is to ensure that the presentation is compatible with various devices and operating systems. The declaration must be accessible to the intended audience, no matter what technology they may be using at the presentation (Swartz et al., 2019).

To increase the possibility that his website will be seen among the vast number of other websites on the internet, Imran might use various strategies. He should begin by developing dense titles and descriptions with essential keywords to ensure that his website is placed higher in search engine results. Because of his talent for producing content that is interesting and easy to share, having him on your team brings an additional advantage in the form of an increased likelihood that your work will be linked. It is also feasible for him to attract attention to his website by providing engaging content on social media or submitting it to relevant directories and search engines. Both of these strategies have the potential to do so (Baratova, 2022).

Imran will be able to increase the number of people who visit his website by optimizing it for search engines and selecting keywords and phrases that are likely to be looked for by prospective readers. As a direct consequence of this, more people will visit the website owned by Imran. In addition to that, he can advertise his website through social media and internet advertising. An excellent way to start is by ensuring that the website’s search engine optimization includes any keywords or phrases that potential readers would use in a search. This is an excellent place to begin. In addition to that, he can advertise his website through social media and other internet channels. He also chooses to contact well-known bloggers and others in his field and request that they write about his website or provide a link to it. This is an additional alternative. (Walwema, 2018).

Conclusion and recommendations

When making a presentation for a worldwide audience, it’s essential to think about their cultural background and tech skills. When talking to people from different parts of the world, it’s critical to remember that different cultures value other spoken and unspoken language aspects. Also, many technologies come with a variety of features and functions. If you want to make a good presentation, you need to know many of these features and functions. When creating a display for an international audience, it’s essential to consider how much the audience knows about history and culture, their level of technological knowledge, and why the presentation is being given. When talking to people from different parts of the world, it’s essential to remember that different cultures value other spoken and unspoken language domains. Also, many technologies come with a variety of features and functions. If you want to make a good presentation, you need to know many of these features and functions. Here are some examples of things that could be done during the planning stage before anything else: researching the audience’s history and culture and researching the audience’s technological skills. The next step is to decide what the presentation is for. After getting all of the above information, it will be much easier to choose an approach that will lead to an excellent presentation.


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