Python Function Programming Assignment Help

Python Function Programming Assignment Help Academic Writing

Python Function Programming Assignment
Apply and test your knowledge of the current and previous topics by attempting the questions below.
Completing these questions will help you to succeed in your subject.

Workshop Questions

1. Design a program using a flowchart. This program will accept a number between 1
and 100. Pass this value to a function. This function should display The number is
odd if the passed value is an odd number, and display The number is even if the
passed value is even number. Python Function Programming Assignment Help

2. Write a python program for your program design in question 1.

3. Write a python program that will accept a positive number and pass this number to a
function called prime_function. This function takes one argument as a positive
number and prints out to the user if the number is prime or not. You need to call this
function from the main().

Hint: a prime number is a whole number greater than 1, that has only two factors one
and the number itself. A prime number is divisible only by number 1 or itself.

For example, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 11 are the first few prime numbers.
Python Function Programming Assignment Help
To check 3 is a prime number. Start from number 2 and check if 3 is divisible by 2
(use remainder operator: %). If not divisible by 2, move to next divisor, 3. If divisible
by 3, stop iterating and report the number as prime. However, if you have a big
number (e.g. 375), if the divisor value exceeds the numbers square root, stop
iterating and print it as prime.

If a number divisible by any number except 1 and itself, stop and report the number
as nonprime.

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