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Polypharmacy Patient Interview Assignment Help Academic Writing

Polypharmacy Patient Interview Assignment


1. What medications are you taking?


I am taking about 10 medications, but right now the medications im taking is 8 medications


2. Before the interview research each of the medications. In your paper include the reason for each medication, the drug classification, the route of administration, the dose, and possible side effects/adverse reactions. Polypharmacy Patient Interview Assignment Help




Drug class Drug




Side effects/ Adverse effect


Cephalosporins PO 500mg


Diarrhea, Stomach upset or pain.
Amoldipine Calcium channel blocker PO 5mg Hypotension, bradycardia, weakness.



Factor/ Xa inhibitors


PO 5mg


Fainting, swelling or joint paining


5-al-pha reductase inhibitors Polypharmacy Patient Interview Assignment Help PO 5mg


Dry mouth, constipation, constipation.


Angiotensin II receptors Antagonists. PO 100mg


Blurred vision, difficulty breathing.


Biguanides PO 5mg


Heartburn, weight loss, flatulence.


Alpha-1 Blocker PO 0.4m


Headaches, runny nose, infection


Phosphodiesterase-5 Enzyme Inhibitors PO 5mg


Muscles pain, indigestion.



Beta block PO 50mg


Dizziness or lightheadedness, depression
Potassium chloride ER


Electrolytes PO 20 MEQ Tablets appears in stool, gas.


For the following questions, paraphrase the client\’s answers for your written paper.

3. How long have you taken each these medications?

According to Jerry, he said he has been taking the above medications for over twenty years (20years.) Polypharmacy Patient Interview Assignment Help

4. Do you know why you are taking these medications?

His been taking the medication for his high blood pressure, and for prostate due to enlargement and frequent urge to urinate, and lastly for diabetes.

5. Who told you about the medications and why you need to take them? Were you able to ask any questions about the medications and if so were they answered so you understood what was said? Polypharmacy Patient Interview Assignment Help

His doctor prescribed those medications. And after talking to him about the medications, he was able to tell me about all his medications, the reason for taken them and had no questions regarding them because of it was as a result of what was going on with him medically.

6. How do you feel about taking these medications? He said he felt good about it, because the medicines are treating the medical issues good.

7. Are you taking other medication purchased \”over the counter\” such as in a drug store? If so, what is it and why are you taking it.He said he wasn’t taken any other medication over the counter. Polypharmacy Patient Interview Assignment Help

8. How and when do you take your medications?

He explained to me vastly that some of his medication was given to him by his home health nurse after he came back from the hospital. But before, he took them himself.

9. Do you have any difficulty taking the medications? If so, what happens and how do you deal with any difficulties.He said no that he didn’t have any difficulty taking his medications.

10. Have you ever felt any uncomfortable feelings and/or body reactions to taking these medications? If so, what were they and how were they handled?

He explained to me that he had was feeling lightheaded when he started his blood pressure medication amlodipine. But It was handled by his primary care physician.

11. If you had the above reaction, did they take you off the medication and/or replace it with another medication? Were you told why this happened? Polypharmacy Patient Interview Assignment Help

No he said, but he told his primary care physician who had his medication frequency reduced. And the, lightheadedness stopped. The physician explained to him that it was because of the long-term use and also, blood pressure medication has a side effect of dizziness/ lightheadedness.

12. Do you have any reason not to take the medications?He said calmly, that he has no reason not to take it.

13. Have you ever not taken the medication? If so, what was the reason?

He said No, because psychological he feels like if he doesn’t take it so bad might happened to him.

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