Organization’s Employee Survey Assignment Help

Organizations Employee Survey Assignment Help Academic Writing

Organization\’s Employee Survey Assignment Help

You are the nursing manager for nurses & the nurse practitioners of an internal medicine group. You have been in this role for approximately 8 months, and overall are enjoying it. The hours have provided an adequate work/balance for your family. You are also a nurse practitioner, seeing patients 1 day a week, with the rest of your time dedicated to adminstrative duties. You work with the medical director of the practice as well as the CNO & the APP director (advanced practice provider), and overall they have served as mentors for you in this role.

Today, you are meeting with these individuals to review the organization\’s employee survey on work satisfaction. The survey was sent to employees with directions, to be truthful & honest, as results would be anonymous. However, as the CNO & APP director begin discussing the result findings of the survey when the director comments, \”oh, that comment was from NP Jane, she\’s always complaining.\” or “oh, wow, I didn’t know Joan was unhappy, she\’s such a good nurse.\”  As the discussion continues, it is clear that results were not anonymous and they are ignoring some employee comments, as being unworthy.

Questions you need to answer: 

  • Written response; Organization’s Employee Survey Assignment Help
    • What are the ramifications (both positive & negative) of the leader’s behavior?
    • What are the pros & cons of how you addressed this issue.
    • What does an an ethical leader look like in this situation?

Part 2 The purpose of this discussion board, is to discuss social media.

Original posting should address the following questions:

  • What are the pros & cons of social media for healthcare & for the healthcare professional?
  • Analyze a social media contribution written or posted by another healthcare professional which could be perceived by some as controversial or even unethical (please do not share details that identify the individual). If you have not personally observed such behavior on social media, you may share a story from an article or news report.
  • Develop a concise personal social media policy. Questions to consider:
    • What types of social media do you participate on?
    • Organization’s Employee Survey Assignment Help
    • Do you keep personal and professional accounts separate?
    • Do you post about school or your employer?
    • Does your social media reflect your value and character traits you wish to portray, personally? Professionally?
    • What if patients want to “friend” you?
    • Who will see your posts?

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