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Nursing Informatics Project

Nursing Informatics Project: As you begin working on your small nursing informatics project, consider how this project will plant the seed for your future work (in and out of an educational setting). How might what you do in this course lend itself to what you will need to do in nursing practice on a day-to-day basis? Why might it be important to consider this now versus later in your education or practice?

Throughout this course, you are tasked with implementing, or proposing an implementation, of a small nursing informatics project. This project is steeped in project management concepts to drive your work.

For this Discussion, you will  explore why this approach might not only will assist you in this course, but how it might assist you in nursing practice beyond your studies.

Rew, L., Cauvin, S., Cengiz, A., Pretorius, K., & Johnson, K. (2020). Application of project management tools and techniques to support nursing intervention research. Nursing Outlook, 68(4), 396–405. doi:10.1016/j.outlook.2020.01.007.

To Prepare

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week and reflect on the roles of advanced nursing practice as it relates to project management.
  • Select one of the roles described in Chapter 8 of the Sipes text to focus on for this Discussion.
  • Review the article by Rew et al. (2020) and reflect on the steps and processes used by the team described in the article.
  • How might you use a similar approach for the completion of your DNP doctoral project or dissertation? What nursing informatics project management strategies might be most appropriate for your nursing research? Nursing Informatics Project
By Day 3 of Week 2

Post a brief description of 4–5 major competencies required for the advanced nursing practice role that you selected.

  • Explain how the project management concepts you have examined thus far in the course might align with this advanced nursing practice role and why. Be specific.
  • Based on the steps and processes used by Rew et al. (2020) and the resources on techniques and tools for nursing research, how might you use these same concepts and a similar approach for completing your DNP doctoral project or dissertation?
  • Explain which processes and techniques you believe will provide the most guidance to assist you plan and develop your DNP doctoral project or dissertation. Be specific and provide examples. Then, describe how the project management strategies you will learn as a nurse leader may be applied to facilitate nursing research or nursing practice for your DNP doctoral project or dissertation.

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