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Normal Distribution Statistic Task Help 2. Normal distribution Now that car companies seal transmissions, they either run or require complete replacement, no intermediate solutions. Because of this, the expected life of a transmission becomes a matter of life and death. On average, a transmission lasts 15 years with a standard deviation of two years. The lifespans are distributed normally. (a) Your car’s transmission lasted 13 years. Draw the PDF, CDF, and the quantile distributions of the situation and your car in it. Label all graphs, values, and axes (b) What is the probability that your next car’s transmission will last between 11 and 15 years? Find the larger and the smaller CDF and find your probability as the difference. Illustrate your work with a PDF graph, on which clearly identify the probability you found. (c) What is the probability your next car’s transmission will last longer than 17 years? Illustrate your answer on the PDF. (d) Draw the story of your 13 year old transmission in terms of the standard normal distribution. Label all relevant values and axes.
3. Approximating a binomial with a normal distribution You go to see eight movies every year and win whenever nobody talks. The long-term probability of nobody talking is , the number of trials in an experiment is . (a) Find the mean, the variance, and the standard deviation of this binomial distribution (b) State the values of the smallest and the largest values of  that are possible in this distribution. (c) Draw an approximate density function for a normal distribution described by the parameters you found in (a). Add the values you indicated in (b) to the sketch. (d) For the normal distribution, described by the parameters you found in (a), find the values of the z scores of -3 and +3. (e) Use your results from (b), combined with the method from 34:20 of the Ch6 part 2 video, to decide if it is a good idea to approximate this binomial distribution with a normal. (f) Excel: follow the example at 18:00 in Ch6 part 2 lecture video to put the binomial distribution bars and the normal distribution bell curve on one same Combo chart. Use the values established in (a) – (e). Label axes, the graph itself, and all you deem relevant. Print out the graph to a nice .pdf or attach neatly to your main submission file. For Normal Distribution Statistic Task Help please click here Hits : 3

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