Healthcare Organization to Consider Assignment

Healthcare Organization to Consider Assignment Academic Writing

Healthcare Organization to Consider Assignment

Identification of Issues

Alzheimer’s disease is a complicated, progressive, irreversible brain disorder that intends to slow memory. It is common among older adults and affects their thinking and memory skills. The critical situation of the disease reduces the ability to do the simplest things and tasks. Alzheimer’s is one of the main causes of dementia in older adults. It is not common among adults, but it is part of ageing. It has been seen that progressive and complicated disease worsens over time. The problem is selected because of the inefficiency of healthcare services. The statistics have shown that almost 6.5 million Americans will have Alzheimer\’s in 2022. Among them, nearly 73 percent of them are older adults. The ratio is common in older women compared to men. Almost all blacks are double in ratio than the whites to be suffered from the disease (Choi, 2019).

Effect on Population

It affects the elderly population in different ways. Memory loss and cognitive impairment are common among the patients. The elderly adults do not remember the simple tasks and are not good at remembering the various things. The common issues they face are the repetition of questions, forgetting the routine work and secondary issues that are associated afterwards. Scientists have continued researching the complex brain changes involved in Alzheimer’s disease. Healthcare Organization to Consider Assignment The changes in the brain are progressive, but they appear after ten years. The early stages of Alzheimer’s are highly toxic, but silent changes occur in the brain. It is essential for the patient not to ignore the situation and consult the doctors as soon as possible. The initial stages of the disease lead to the abnormal buildup of proteins. The healthy neurons are highly affected, and they do not function normally. The dying of neurons further triggers the process (Alzheimer’s Association, 2019).

Problem Statement

Older adults with dementia and Alzheimer’s need the resources for the caregivers and the treatment processes.

Foundation and Steps for the Healthcare Organization to Consider

The proposal is presented to the healthcare service organization to enlighten the issues of caregivers of dementia and Alzheimer\’s disease. The patients require a full-time caregiver to help them with treatment and daily activities. The seniors should be capable of the caregivers’ services, and the most significant issue they face is the organization’s resources Healthcare Organization to Consider Assignment . The caregivers must be given the necessary resources to deal with the patients and ensure the requirements to perform their role efficiently. The caregivers are required to handle the patients throughout the day. The duty becomes difficult in the progressive stages because the patients may become harmful to themselves and others. The caregivers can be the family member of the third party. Still, the problem is the proper resources and requirements of a caregiver necessary for the patients. the healthcare organizations take the problem as minor, and it is observed that the situation is highly controlled if the patient is assisted in the initial stages. Healthcare organizations should give attention to the factor and work for patients\’ wellness. The caregivers need to ensure the efficiency of their roles as well (Marchini, 2019).

The attention problem is the resources needed for the caregivers and the treatment of patients with Alzheimer\’s disease. It is mentioned and observed that the family members feel it challenging to care for and assist the patients. they are not experts in providing the necessary facilities and professional services to the patients as well. For this reason, the patients must provide with the resources from Medicaid and Medicare. They will utilize the resources on the caregivers and other treatment processes. Healthcare organizations should understand that the problem is minor in the initial stages, but the progressive steps are highly complicated and dangerous (Lee, 2019).


The need of the hour is to provide the necessary resources to the elderly patients and enable the seniors to get the required resources. Elderly patients should be guided to the essential resources and treatment processes. The purpose of the proposal is to make the caregiver\’s services efficient and to ensure that the older adults are getting enough resources to meet the needs of the treatment processes. The healthcare organization needs to address the problem, especially in severe cases. Healthcare Organization to Consider Assignment Another situation should also be considered when the patients are homeless and need extra expenses. It is necessary to take care of their needs and provide them with the best facilities.


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