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Health Law Research Paper Assignment Help Academic Writing
Health Law Research Paper Assignment Help Outline and Scoring                               80 points total Organization-                                                                                      10 points
  • APA referencing must be used throughout entire paper
  • Must include; Your Name, Title Page, Table of Contents & Reference Page
  • Headers/sub headers must be used to delineate each section
  • Must be paginated
Health Law Research Health Care Topic/Legislation Background-                                40 points (3-4 pages)
  • Topic Background & legislation-please provide details why this law was necessary, importance of this legislation national or state wide, include statistics population, (peer reviewed articles/journals)
  • Is this a cost saving measure or an unnecessary cost expense- back it up with facts (data required)
  • What are the pros and cons to this health legislation? Provide examples of each (data required)
Effects-                                                                                         30 points (2-3 pages)
  • Is this law effective, yes/no state reason(s) and validate with cited facts.
  • What is your own opinion of this legislation, if you agree-do you/would you follow it why or why not
The definition of a human services agency is so broad that you likely visit one frequently. Go sit in the waiting room of a human services agency in your community. If you are not able to visit an agency in person, refer to one of the agencies featured in one of the optional resources for the module (Bringing Storytime to the Long Wait for Social Services or What if Our Healthcare System Kept Us Healthy?). Health Law Research Bringing Storytime to the Long Wait for Social Services: Or What if Our Healthcare System Kept Us Healthy? Consider the following questions from the point of view of a worker at the agency and that of a client, it is important to understand the human services waiting room from the perspective of both an employee and a client in need of services. Submit your answers as a journal assignment. Health Law Research
  1. What do you think it is like to work at the agency? What might the agency look like through the clients\’ eyes?
  2. If you worked at the agency, what do you think your day-to-day challenges would be and why?
  3. How could you suggest an improved experience or environment to support the agency\’s clients?
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