Employee Evaluation 2 Responses

Employee Evaluation

In response to your peers, suggest ways to apply the evaluation or evaluation process to future work performance.

1# To be honest, my last job was about four years ago when I was working for a call center so my memory of my last performance evaluation, but I will do my best to answer the questions. When they did their evaluation they listened in on one of your calls to see if you were adequately answering the calls’ concerns about their mortgage and if you were not disrespectful or showing any attitudes or tones while doing so. They also ensured you followed protocol when confirming they were the people that could talk about that information on the mortgage so we were not giving out someone’s information. After they listen to the call they would call you to their office and let you know what you did wrong or if you need to fix anything, they also made sure to let you know what you did right and made sure you had positive feedback. I think to keep employees you need also to make sure you are letting them know they are doing good because no one likes to get negative feedback. Do you think that it is important to show positive feedback as well as negative feedback?


My most recent performance evaluation involved a meeting with my supervisor at my current job to discuss my goals, accomplishments, and areas for improvement. They had decided I showed enough initiative and promised to be considered for a promotion and a raise. I went from an entry-level front-of-house staff to a shift lead supervisor. We also reviewed the new things I would have to learn for the new position and what would be expected of me, and my supervisor provided feedback on my performance. It was a helpful process to reflect on my work and set new goals for the future. I also had the opportunity to provide input and feedback on any concerns or issues. My supervisor actively listened and addressed my concerns, ensuring my perspective was valued in the evaluation process. It was a collaborative and constructive experience. This evaluation was super helpful in introducing me to the new role I would soon be undertaking and clarifying my work expectations and priorities. It helped me prioritize my tasks and goals and guided me on where to focus my efforts and how to align them with the organization’s objectives.

Do you think an evaluation is the time to introduce an employee to a new position?

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