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Design Report help Academic Writing

Design Report help

Produce an Individual Design Report detailing a product design specification (PDS), concept generation, concept selection and embodiment design, based on the given design brief and provided design constraints.…

Mechanical Design Brief

(All Mechanical Engineering programs) Design Report help

Design a fixed-reference mechanical system capable of picking up a standard 330ml drink can and dispensing the contents into a predefined container.

  •  Performance
    • The system must have a fixed point of reference
    • The system must be self-supporting
    • Mechanical – Capable of picking up and pouring a standard 330ml drink can
    • Medical – Capable of holding and dispensing 14 “pills” (Standard Trebor Extra Strong Mints)
  • Physical Constraints
    • Maximum footprint of the system = 400mm x 400mm
    • Maximum wight = 10kg
  • Budget constraints
    • Total cost of mechanical components, manufactured or purchased, must not exceed £200
    • Electronic components are excluded from budget limitations but are subject to procurement limitation

Produce a report detailing the product design specification, concept generation, concept selection and embodiment design based on the given design brief and customer consultation. Design Report help

  • Indicative report structure should be, at a minimum as follows:
    • Product Design Specification:
      • Performance requirements
      • Operation requirements
      • Manufacturing and assembly requirements
      • Disposal
      • Etc…
    • Concept Designs of potential solutions (minimum of 4 designs)
      • Clear sketches
      • Well-annotated
      • Brief description of operation
      • Practicality
    • Concept Selection
      • Criteria selection and ranking
      • Concept scoring
    • Embodiment Design
      • Scheme drawing

Design Report help

  • There is no word limit for this design report; however, you should aim to write as comprehensibly and concisely as possible, using figures/tables & data to present clear and objective design justifications.
  • You must submit your Individual Design Report as a .pdf file via Canvas.

Formatting your submission:

  • You do not need to include a cover sheet.
  • Submission format is a design portfolio and should be treated as a formal report:
    • As such, subtitles/section headings are expected, as is a contents page, figure/table captions, abstract and list of tables/figures etc.
      References are not required,

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