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Decision-making models are critical for making informed and consistent decisions. In this discussion, you will use what you have learned about decision-making models to solve the organizational problem below. Decision-making models Scenario Imagine that you are an organizational consultant for the SNHU Pet Supply Company. You have been asked to recommend who should lead a new initiative to expand the company\’s online presence. After several discussions and interviews, the leadership team has shortlisted two candidates. Each candidate brings a different set of skills and expertise to the table, and each also poses a few challenges. The first candidate, Myra, is a 15-year veteran of the organization who has worked her way up from an intern to a very capable product manager. She has extensive knowledge of the company\’s products and services and embodies the company\’s culture and vision in her work. Myra is not well-versed in e-commerce and the technologies that will be needed to implement and launch the company\’s online initiative. However, she is a fast learner, and the management position doesn\’t require too much in-depth knowledge of technologies. Decision-making models The second candidate, Michael, was hired six months ago and shows great promise as a leader and manager. He has an MBA from a reputable university and worked for a technology startup for three years before joining the company. He has no experience in pet supplies or related industries, but knows how to launch an online company from the ground up.  
In your initial post, address the following:
  • Compare and contrast two different decision-making models addressed in your course resources, explaining how each would be used to approach the hiring decision.
  • Recommend which of the two decision-making models would be the best suited to help make the hiring decision, and why.
In your response posts to at least two peers, explain how the model you recommended using compares with the model your peers recommended using and how it would influence the decision-making process and outcome. You may use the following questions to help develop your response:
  • What can examining a business problem through the lens of different decision-making models teach us about decision making?
  • What other business decisions or situations would your peers\’ recommended decision-making models be most appropriate to use for, and why?
  • What other business decisions or situations would your recommended decision-making model be most appropriate to use for, and why?
  • Do you have questions for your peers about why they recommended the model they did?
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