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Culture and Leadership Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is:

  • for you reflect and evaluate your own culture  and its cultural baggage in the context of leadership.
  • consider how your culture’s norms affect your interaction with others from another culture.
  • consider how you will approach cross-cultural leadership.

Read Chapter 15, Culture and Leadership (Northouse, 2019) and the following resources:

For this assignment, you will create a document that covers the following: (Hint: this is your outline).

  1. Part 1  include:
    1. Definition of culture (citation needed).
    1. In your own words, state why it is important understanding the role culture plays in leadership.
    1. Define cultural baggage? (citation needed)
    1. Name the culture you are from and highlight your own personal cultural baggage you have.

  1. Part 2 include:
    1. Name the comparison culture that is from a different cluster from your own.
    1. Why did you choose this culture ?
    1. Have you ever met someone from this culture?
  2. Part 3 include:
    1. In a table format, compare the following between your culture and the culture you chose:
      1. Verbal Communication: Direct or Indirect
      1. Non-Verbal Communication
      1. Individual (Me)  or Collectivism (We) traits
      1. Democratic or Autocratic
      1. Views on gender egalitarianism
      1. Views on time
      1. Negotiations/Dealing with conflict
  3. Part 4 include:
    1. Choose one difference and discuss two strategies you would use to engage that person if they were on your team.
    1. Finish with a concluding paragraph stating what you learned about culture and how it has affected your understanding of how you will lead.

Assignment Guidelines Culture and Leadership Assignment Help

  • Include a APA 7 title page
  • Make sure to use correct APA in-text citations for paraphrased ideas and quoted text.
  • Include all sources cited in your reference list.

Due date

  • Please check the due date in Moodle and upload this assignment to the appropriate Dropbox.


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