Comparison of France and Spain Assignment

Comparison of France and Spain Assignment Academic Writing

Comparison of France and Spain Assignment

Differences and Similarities of France and Spain

Major Heading #1:  Countries with Similarities, Yet Strong Differences.  Discuss the power of the coast to each country and identify the products that are imported, exported and produced by each.  How are these countries similar in terms of natural resources and how are they different?  Identify one strong distinction or land mark (natural geographic area or resource) of each country and it\’s contribution to the world.

Major Heading #2:  What to Visit, What to Eat, What to See: This assignment has many countries to address, so select one destination or important place to visit (different from the previous prompt) and why you selected this important monument, museum, historical area, series of buildings, event. Identify a favorite or interesting food item visitor should try.  What are a few things in each country you would do (attend a concert, visit a religious event, tour, recreational event you would suggest, etc.).

Major Heading #3:  Languages, Currency, Behavior:  Identify the primary language spoken in each country and the use of English (if applicable) in each country.  For instance, English is often spoken in larger cities (Identify), yet the mother language is most often spoken in small towns and rural areas.  It is possible that English is now popular in all areas of some of the countries covered in this prompt. Comparison of France and Spain Assignment

Identify the name and the current conversion of the countries currency to the USD.  If the country is using Euros, please identify the former currency used before they converted and whether this currency is also accepted.

Describe the behaviors, dress, and greetings of each culture.  When do they dine?  What is the major religion?  What major cultural/religious event occurs each year that is of interest to you?  How should Americans behave when they are traveling in each country?  You may include photos of dress if you would like.  It might be important to learn how we should dress if we visit a mosque, Vatican, or religious ceremony as we travel, so please include this information if important.

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