Chap 5= 6 Questions


APA Style. No page limit, all parts of the question are to be answered.

What did the tablet replace? What will replace (or has replaced) the tablet?

Perform a SWOT analysis for The Coca-Cola Company in the soft drink category. What are the biggest threats and opportunities? What are Coca-Cola’s relevant strengths and weaknesses? What strategic actions are necessary for the company to thrive by 2025?

Develop a scenario based on the proposition that hydrogen-fueled cars will continue to improve and take 15 percent of the automotive market in a few years. Analyze it from the point of view of an energy company like Shell or a car company like Mercedes.

Pick a business that you admire. What are the major trends emerging from an environmental analysis? What are the major areas of uncertainty? How would a major company in the industry handle these trends and uncertainties? How do you predict the start-up will respond?

Focusing on the airline industry, develop a list of strategic uncertainties and possible strategic actions.

Visible criticism has been leveled at the bottled water industry including the claim that their product is not better than tap water in many locals (some brands are even said to have an unpleasant aftertaste) and that the plastic bottles are carbon costly to make and are not biodegradable. What programs would you consider to combat these arguments if you were PepsiCo, the maker of Aquafina, or The Coca-Cola Company, the maker of Dasani?

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