Arth 9 literature assessment

Arth 9

Over the week, you will conduct fieldwork on your chosen online community.  Follow the instructions below and take detailed notes as you complete the exercise.  You will submit your notes for grading.  The field notes will be used to help create your Signature Assignment presentation.In a single 2 – 4 page document, address the following:

  • Overall Exploration of Site: explore your site and note details such as:
    • Purpose: purpose/mission and history; “About” section, contact information
    • Topics: topics in the forum
      • List and describe at least five (5) topics from anywhere in the forum; list and describe the three (3) most recent topics and include:
        • What is the topic about?
        • Who started the topic?
        • How many members have participated in the topic (include the initial post as one)?
        • Summarize the topic conversation. What are the main points?
    • Organization: headings, subgroups, links to other sites, resources
    • Aesthetics: graphics used, site décor or design aesthetics, images, fonts
    • Members: number of members, membership qualifications or criteria, participation guidelines, etc., labels, icons, avatars associated with members
      • Cultural Consultants:  choose three (3) members to look at more closely.  Note the following about each:
        • username or avatar name
        • profile information (location, status, etc.)
        • activity in the forum, photos, and posts, join date
        • Reflect on why you chose these individuals specifically – what do they “tell” you about the site?
  • Research Question Reflection and Analysis: Once you’ve collected data from the site, revisit your research question.  Does the information you have so far reveal anything that helps you to answer your question?

Organize your fieldnotes using the headings and subheadings above.  Once you have completed your notes and written your research question reflection, submit your completed assignment.

use this research question:

How does the online community culture accommodate and empower individuals with disabilities?

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